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Joinpd (Pea Deck): The best online platform for interactive learning. (A complete walkthrough)

The Joinpd (Pea Deck) platform is an online session platform to learn with a great user interface and the best remote-learning benefits. It is a presentation and lesson delivery tool that can be used by teachers and different professionals to teach their students with the help of slides and interactive questions to promote interactive learning.

How to access and join it?

The joinpd (Pea Deck) is an online platform that is accessible by a web browser through a link as follows:


It is available on the google workspace marketplace. We can access it while using google slides. By a sidebar is available in it saying Joinpd (Pea Deck).

For joining PD you would be required to enter the code your teacher gave you to attend the session. Or if you are a teacher or a professional wanting to teach their students or colleagues or if you want to arrange a session regarding anything to give people knowledge with the help of interactive learning then you must first login in the joinpd (Pea Deck) website and enter your school or institute or whatsoever, if your school or institute have bought their services by going premium than you can move further ahead and present otherwise you must purchase their services and then teach them. Or you also have an alternate that you use their free services which offer less benefits but are also highly interactive because of their connections with GOOGLE and MICROSOFT. 

Its Salient Features

The Joinpd (Pea Deck) platform is full of awesome features both for the students and the teachers. Students can easily have highly-interactive sessions with teachers remotely and they can gain knowledge of immense benefits comfortably. The way the Joinpd (Pea Deck) platform works is a great breakthrough for the world of remote learning. Slides with interactive questions help students learn greatly. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. Teachers can add or remove slides and questions according to their needs. Students can respond to their teachers either by their microphones or by a number of options. These options include that students can draw on slides and/or write questions or putting images directly onto the slides. Joinpd (Pea Deck) claims that it provides simple integrations by using commonly-used systems to help educators deliver engaging content in an efficient way.

Is it safe to use?

The security of Joinpd (Pea Deck) is a major question as it is an online platform and we know the rate of cybercrime nowadays is increasing seriously. But to answer this question Joinpd (Pea Deck) responded by saying that “Joinpd (Pea Deck) is committed to the highest standards of protection for student data and personally identifiable information (“PII”) at all times. Joinpd (Pea Deck) is striving continuously to help protect against the loss of information or protect against the misuse of information or data of students or teachers. They are also vigilant in keeping data safe and unauthorized access or disclosure.

Similar platforms to PD

There are a number of online learning platforms which match the description of Joinpd (Pea Deck). Such as:

  • Nearpod
  • Edpuzzle
  • Lumio
  • Canvas LMS

These were some that we mentioned but PD is a great platform as it is new and it keeps on updating. It focuses on learning more.

Why use Joinpd (Pea Deck)?

The joinpd (Pea Deck) platform is greatly easy to use, the teachers who do not know much about tech or are not tech-geeks can learn and understand the platform due to its awesome user interface. They can create and deliver interactive lessons easily.

Many students after seeing this kind of UI want to learn more, they are indulged in studies due to slides and interactive presentations presented in Joinpd (Pea Deck). As a result, students are engaged in this platform and they find the lesson enjoyable and create memories while enjoying it.

The Joinpd (Pea Deck)’s automatic grading feature is a big and sensible reason to use this great platform. Many teachers and students can hence benefit from this.

Hence the Joinpd (Pea Deck) platform is an awesome way to learn interactively.

Joinpd (Pea Deck) Pros:

The Joinpd (Pea Deck) is a popular interactive presentation platform that allows teachers and presenters to enable their students and audience to learn easily and interactively. Some pros are:

  • Interactive presentations which allow teachers to use drawing tools, and draggable items. This keeps the audience involved in this awesome presentation.
  • Easy and simple to use for teachers and students.
  • It is accessible to many people as it is an online learning platform.

Joinpd (Pea Deck) Cons:

While there are many pros, there are also potential drawbacks of this platform.

  • The cost is a major drawback because Joinpd (Pea Deck) has paid service as well. It has free service but for major benefits, it is paid. It is not affordable for many students and teachers.
  • Some students may not be as interested in this platform because of its features. It totally depends on the mindset of people.
  • This platform can be more upgraded and it needs more working on it to improve the experience of the user.

Wrap up

 We would like to wrap up by saying that, overall, it is a good platform and many people use it to experience the highly interactive environment. It can help increase student engagement and interactive learning too. So what are you waiting for? Start taking their online sessions today and expand your horizon of knowledge with it.


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